Welcome to Lennon Communications!

Marge Lennon loves to tell other people's stories by writing succinct press releases, fun-to-read feature stories and award narratives. Her communications are crafted to each client's unique market, aimed at helping them achieve a specific goal. After more than four decades of "story-telling," she has helped clients create their own unique image and has been called a "legend maker" in the process. Marge is proud of her role as a historian (of sorts) for the timeshare industry, having had a front-row seat to the growth and now consolidation of this industry.

What we do. Since its launch in 1985, Lennon Communications has provided public relations, marketing, and advertising services for some of the biggest names in the timeshare, hospitality, home furnishings, real estate, property management, interior design, restaurant, and construction industries. With an in-depth knowledge of most facets of these industries, many of their clients have been in related fields, located from Marco Island to Maui and beyond. The company’s portfolio includes hundreds of press releases, newsletters, brochures, sales materials, and the total creation of over 900 owner-directed newsletters, a firm specialty. Marge excels in writing winning award narratives ... over 400 for Clive Daniel Home and several hundred for ARDA's awards program.

Public Relations • Newsletters • Award Writing
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